Coltri Compressors Maldives

High Pressure Compressors for Pure Breathing Air

Aerotecnica Coltri® have been manufacturing compressors for more that 40 years.

The wide range of models available, distinguished by highly advanced technical innovation and devices, always guarantees maximum performance and versatility of applications.

Coltri Compressors Maldives brings you the complete range of Coltri Compressors along with professional and dependable technical and after sales service.

Coltri compressors represent continuing research and development, and are built to offer the highest levels of reliability and safety to Scuba divers and Firemen.

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MCH 13-16 Honda gasoline MCH 13-16 Diesel Yanmar MCH 18 ET Tropical plus MCH 6 Portable MCH 13 Standard MCH 16 Compact EVO MCH 36 Open